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AOL to change name to TMZ

Posted on | July 30, 2007 | No Comments

Bill just posted this, and it’s great info:

Seems that AOL is going to be changing their name to TMZ. If that sound familiar, it’s because is one of the hottest entertainment-related sites extant.

Ah, AOL – even YOU aren’t sure who you really are.

For the brand that is the Internet to millions, and has been described as ‘The Internet for Dummies’, I’m left to wonder how their user base will cope with the change. I mean, AOL makes it so simple for users, they hardly need to know anything about the online world.

Now, will they really wrap their heads around a brand change?

…and what does this mean for Will they end up marginalized as simply a subsection of the Entertainment area of a new entity? Or will they be watered down and become ‘Entertainment for Dummies’ in the end?

This could really spell a unique opportunity. AOL has been sliding for a while now, and they’re so far gone in the real search race that maybe the time is now for them to look in a new direction.

Could they corner the market as a vertically integrated entertainment-only focused portal?


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