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What can I say?  My name is Duane Forrester, obviously, and while I share my last name with Forrester Research, I Duane Forrester image from Search Engine LandDuane Forrester image from Search Engine Landpredate them by a wide margin. 😉

I currently work for  My current role is as Sr. Product Manager for Bing’s webmaster outreach program. My main job is to create resources to help publishers and developers improve their websites through search engine optimization, and by using Bing’s tools and applications. This means I travel a lot, appearing at conferences all over. Chances are good, if it’s a search, blogging or online marketing conference, I’ll be there.

Until January of 2011, I ran the inhouse search optimization program focused on MSN’s US & Americas properties. Our team did often focus on other areas, but the main focus was MSN properties. From time to time, I also did outreach for Bing. I even end up working with companies such as GAP, HP, Walmart and Caesars, when they are looking to us for SEO advice. Always a great time talking to other inhouse SEOs. 🙂

Prior to that, I was an in-house search marketing Manager for a sports media company in Eastern Canada. I’m staff at, and dole out advice to folks who ask nicely whenever I’m there (sadly, not often these days).

I speak at search conferences and I was the founding co-chair for the In-House SEM Committee with SEMPO ( I was on the Board of Directors with SEMPO for 3 years, also. I speak at local universities, to their E-Commerce and Marketing students about online marketing in general.

Prior to my sole focus in search marketing (organic and PPC), I managed all the media buying for that sports content publisher mentioned above. Before all that, I was a promotions Supervisor for the casinos opened in Eastern Canada by Caesars. I’ve been into search, online marketing and seo since around 1997, and in general marketing for over 14 years now – man, time flies.

I’m into photography and used to do some freelance work for enthusiast magazines covering Jeep and Land Rover events in Eastern Canada.

I co-authored How To Make Money With Your Blog, and my second book titled Turn Clicks into Conversions is out now. That first book has been reprinted now in Russian, and the second book is out in Chinese shortly. Traditional and complex Mandarin. Too cool!

Other writings can be found in the inhouse column at

Heck, when time permits, I also enjoy traveling.

If you want more details, hit my linkedin profile.