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Merry Christmas…and it’s back to work for me

Posted on | December 22, 2014 | Comments Off on Merry Christmas…and it’s back to work for me

When I last posted, I’d just faced a turning point in my career. I was faced with one of the toughest moments of reality life can bring you – the loss of your job. I knew we’d be OK, that we’d weather the storm, but I wasn’t prepared for the next two months.

After my blog post went live, a few hours later, I had friends telling me not only about job opportunities, but that news about my departure was trending on Twitter! WOW!

I got calls from folks, emails, messages on Facebook, tweets. I was overwhelmed, honestly. I was blown away by the outpouring of support, and had more than one misty-eyed moment where I realized relationships I had with people were stronger than I ever thought they were.

Early on, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a gent who is a career counselor. A “happiness whisperer” of sorts, Gerry spent a few hours chatting things through with me before leaving me with a few key things to think about. I cannot recommend this process enough to folks. While everyone’s experience will be different, I can say that my own lead me to clearly state what was important to me. No small feat, this allowed me to look at opportunities from a variety of angles: would there be growth opportunities, what’s the history of the company look like, where is the job located, what are taxes and cost of living numbers like, do I believe in the direction the company is focused in, does this role allow me to meet my personal goals for career growth, was the money good, and so on.

Moving your career forward is a difficult task.  Sure, you can “take a job” but will it bring satisfaction? And what are you measuring satisfaction against? If you have no income, any job offering a paycheck will appear satisfying on some level, and may be what’s needed at the moment. But have you identified what will make you truly happy? Yes, every job has moments where you scratch your head, but that’s life. Much tougher is understanding what motivates you, that touch-point in life that every time you make contact with it, you pivot refreshed, happier and satisfied. I know, all new-age and stuff, but I swear, the exercise is worth the effort.

I looked at opportunities to consult, a friend asked me to join their company and begin the process of running it for them, I interviewed with GoDaddy, chatted with eBay, considered working with Nike, fielded emails from Amazon and looked at opportunities with Microsoft. Heck, the TSA tweeted me with an offer at one point!

Throughout it all I had in mind a few things that mattered to me. That time with Gerry paid off! I knew I wanted to continue working with businesses (of all sizes). That’s a passion of mine and something I think I’m good at. I also knew I didn’t want to stray too far from the online marketing community, owing so much to the industry and the people in it. Scale also mattered to me. Being able to help out hundreds, or thousands of people and businesses each year in the past had me yearning for more of that exposure. And I was definitely open to opportunities that would help me build my personal brand.

After almost 2 months on this journey, the end is upon me. Today I embark on the next step in my career. It’s a comfortable step. One that allows me to hit all the high points on my list of wants: working with businesses, staying connected to and serving the industry, working at scale, personal growth and more!

So where will I be working? Well, if your money was on…Bing, you’re a winner!

…and I’m excited to be back!

You’re still going to see me blogging on the Webmaster Tools blog and I’ll be at the conferences as well. But as you’ve become accustomed to lately, you’ll also hear more voices than just mine in the mix. This means more and deeper insights from the various teams within Bing and part of my new role will be to keep this train charging down the tracks!

In the past I worked closely with the Webmaster team to help bring the tools and services you needed to market, and that work will continue as we move forward. Frankly, that group is so strong, there’s little need for my hands on the product directly, and for that I am grateful. The Engineering team that brought you our world-class Webmaster Tools has been running the show the entire time I’ve been away, so the Tools remain in excellent hands day-to-day.

I’m also going to be spending time working with folks on the API side of the house, seeking ways to grow engagement with our data-level opportunities for businesses. It’s no secret that the data-layer will continue to be one of the most important aspects of search moving forward. The trick is helping businesses understand how to access it and leverage it for their own success.

While I am excited to be back, I am humbled by the voices across the industry who offered their support and grateful to the company I’ve been with since 2008 for this opportunity to continue this great work with their support!

2015 is going to be an awesome year gang!



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